Sunny Fireworks feat. Pyroprodukt Cannes 2012


Sunny is a Chinese group, famous in the international pyrotechnical industry. The company, founded more than thirty years ago, produces, exports and conceives shows worldwide, mainly in the United States but also in Japan and Europe. Sunny conceives, develops and makes new products with its 700 highly qualified employees and by dedicating 60 million euros in investments. As of now, there are more than 500 products of the brand Sunny. The pyrotechnician is also present on the market of fireworks for the private individuals.

By emphasizing values such as honesty, creativity and cooperation, Sunny multiplies the participations with numerous competitions and has won the Gold Jupiter of International Fireworks Competition of Montreal in 1992, the Silver Vestal in Cannes in 2000, the golden medal in the International Competition of the Musical Fireworks of Shanghai in 2008 and the Audience’s Prize in Ottawa in 2010. Because of the excellent quality of the shown products and their very popular colors, Sunny is a pioneer in the domain as well in Europe, as in Asia or in the USA.